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jean allen dJean Allen: Solving HR issues

15 Dec 2010

Kavith Harrilall

HUMAN resources professional and entrepreneur Jean Allen has returned from the UK and set up shop in the midlands.

Jean Allen HR Consulting focuses on people and change management, she told The Witness.

She said the move was borne out of a love for the country, and she has always intended on returning home to contribute to the local economy while enhancing her family's quality of life.

"I have 15 years' experience working for other organisations and now I want to share the experience locally. In addition, ماهو الكولاجين with two young boys and having made the decision to move to South Africa for lifestyle and family, I want to be able to manage my workload and work flexible hours."

The need for such a consultancy is clear, given the nature of the business environment, Allen said.

"So many businesses ask managers and supervisors to manage and keep on top of all the 'people' issues, but with slimmed-down organisations these tasks are often left to the bottom of the in tray until they become a problem.

"If suitable records of absence or formal warnings are not kept then this history cannot be taken into account when you realise that there is problem.

"We can help by putting in place systems and processes, by making staff and managers aware of procedures and analyse trends."

Allen also emphasised the importance of personal and business networks.

"I have been given great leads and formed friendships with all the small businesspeople I have met thus far.

"People have willingly provided advice, contacts, leads and done all they could to assist me on my way. Small business people are determined, focused, hard working and extremely friendly."

Allen is a proudly local resident who says of the city: "Maritzburg — small enough to be personal, big enough to have industry."

"We love the midlands — close to the Berg, the coast, and beautiful countryside. Great schools, too. And much better weather than England."

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Does your business need an HR health check?

on Friday, 01 October 2010. Posted in News

See how you respond to just of few of our health check questions.

  1. Do all your employees have a written statement of their particulars of employment?
  2. Do you have a Company / Staff Handbook?
  3. Do you have a Company Code of Conduct or Disciplinary Code?
  4. Do you monitor and record absence and leave?
  5. Do your employees who work for 5hrs continuously receive a meal break?

Did you respond "NO" to any of the above questions? If so then Jean Allen HR can help!

To discuss how we can work with you to help you and your العناية بالبشرة company please call me to arrange a free and confidential consultation.

Remember these are just a few of the key questions any organisation should have the response to, so if you would like a visit from us where we can conduct a comprehensive Health Check of your organisation please contact us via the Contact Us Page.

Redfern & Findlay Attorneys welcome Jean Allen HR

on Friday, 01 October 2010. Posted in News

Jean Allen has practiced in the field of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations in the United Kingdom and Europe for the past fifteen years. It is a great pleasure to welcome a العناية بالبشرة بعد الثلاثين practitioner of her quality and with her experience and expertise back to Pietermaritzburg. Fresh ideas and a new perspective on matters are always welcomed and Jean is certainly in a position to do this in her area of expertise. We at Redfern & Findlay look forward to working closely with Jean and her clients in the field of Human Resources, Industrial Relations and Employment Law.

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