Back to Basics

on Sunday, 24 August 2014. Posted in News

As many of you know and I frequently remind you all it is essential to have your basic HR structures in place. Not only for compliance and to protect you but also to make your life easier!

Let's look at compliance first.

Did you know that it is a requirement of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) that each staff member has a Contract of Employment and a Job Description?

If you employ staff you need to register with and pay fees to the Occupational Accidents and Compensation Fund.

You are required to register and make the relevant payment to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). You have a legal obligation to register with this fund and contribute on behalf of your employees. All employees who work for more than 24 hours per month must contribute to the UIF. Employees pay 1% of their salaries and their employees another 1% every month. It's your responsibility as the employer to deduct your employee's contribution from his or salary and pay it to the Fund together with your 1%.

In addition to compliance it is essential for ease of management and peace of mind to have in place your basic HR Policies in place. As a minimum I would recommend an Absence Policy, Disciplinary & Grievance Policy, and a Substance Abuse Policy.

Your contracts and policy documents will help you with the questions below

"Albert hasn't come to work for three days, what procedure should I follow?"
"Mary is on maternity leave – we discovered lots of mistakes in her absence, can I dismiss her?"
"Sam, wants me to pay him out for him remaining 10 days' annual leave, instead of taking these days, can I allow this?"
"Can I grant Ndomiso family responsibility leave if her cousin has died?"
"Edward is not performing well during his probation period – how do I dismiss him?"

Further areas to consider:

Are your managers trained in the policies and implementing them consistently?
Are your employee records / staff files all up to date?
Do you record absenteeism and do you know how to contact staff in their absence?
Are you recording counseling sessions?
Do you have more than 50 employees? If you do, are you aware of your Employment Equity reporting requirement?
Do you have a Skills Development Plan?

Although I encourage you all to be on top of current legislation and best practice, I know you have your "day job" to do, so please call me and I will help with HR Compliance including contracts, policies, as well as those tricky HR related questions and much more.